Nigerian Bar Association Annual General Meeting

The NBA Women Forum extends a warm welcome to all legal practitioners attending the Nigerian Bar Association Annual General Conference 2023, themed “Getting It Right: Charting The Course For Nigeria’s Nation Building”.

This esteemed event offers a valuable opportunity for professional development, discourse, and advancement within the legal community. As you engage in knowledge exchange and networking, we present the following tailored recommendations for a productive and secure conference experience:

1. Strategic Planning:

Scrutinize the conference agenda meticulously, strategically selecting sessions aligned with your interests. This strategic approach optimizes your time investment.

2. Attire and Essentials:

Assemble a wardrobe of professional attire suitable for the conference’s rigour. Additionally, incorporate comfortable attire and walking shoes for a leisurely exploration of the locale.

3. Effective Organization:

Equip yourself with notepads, writing tools, and electronic devices to capture crucial insights during sessions. Employ digital tools to manage schedules, contacts, and pertinent documents efficiently.

4. Networking Excellence:

Leverage networking prospects by engaging with fellow attendees, speakers, and thought leaders. Foster relationships that could culminate in promising future partnerships.

5. Balancing Commitments:

While session attendance is pivotal, allocate moments for cultural immersion and culinary exploration of Abuja—a delightful aspect of your visit.

6. Well-being and Vigilance:

Uphold physical well-being through hydration, rest, and light exercise. These practices counteract conference-related strain.
NBA AGC 2023 Health Walk

7. Professional Identity:

Equipped with an ample supply of business cards, seize opportunities to exchange contact information with colleagues and peers.

8. Technology Preparedness:

Guard against technological interruptions with a portable charging solution for your devices.

9. Informed Engagement:

Stay apprised of local updates to navigate any unforeseen alterations that could impact your schedule.

10. Post-Conference Engagement:

Foster post-conference connections by extending gratitude via emails and LinkedIn connections.

11. Device Security:

Safeguard electronic devices using robust authentication mechanisms. Activate remote tracking and data erasure features in case of loss or theft.

12. Public Network Prudence:

Exercise caution when utilizing public Wi-Fi networks to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Enlist a virtual private network (VPN) for enhanced security.
NBA AGC 2023 Meet and Greet

13. Shared Devices Abstention:

Refrain from employing communal computers for accessing confidential information due to potential malware threats.

14. Data Privacy Assurance:

Practice prudence when sharing personal information with new acquaintances. Ensure the legitimacy of recipients prior to divulgence.

15. Physical Asset Protection:

Safeguard belongings by employing room locks and secure storage for vital documents.

16. Travel Essentials:

Store travel documents, identification, and credit cards in a secure location such as a money belt or locked compartment.

17. Safety Awareness:

Stay vigilant and avoid dimly lit or deserted locales, particularly during nighttime hours. Prioritize well-populated, well-lit areas.

18. Emergency Contacts:

Maintain a roster of emergency contacts encompassing local authorities, the NBA branch, executive committee members, and family.
NBA AGC 2023 Social Media Engagement

19. Itinerary Sharing:

Disseminate your conference schedule and travel plans with a trusted confidant for added security.

20. Social Media Circumspection:

Limit real-time location and activity disclosures on social media platforms to mitigate the risk of theft or privacy invasion.

21. Scam Awareness:

Exercise caution when confronted with unsolicited propositions, monetary requests, or suspicious correspondence. Verify the legitimacy of sources before divulging financial data.

22. Reliable Transportation:

Select reputable transportation services, especially if unfamiliar with the area. Refrain from hailing unmarked taxis. When utilizing established ride-hailing services, ensure your availability status remains online

Conferences serve as educational and networking opportunities. By observing these protocols, you enhance both your personal and professional growth while maintaining a secure and enriching conference experience.